Terms and Conditions

Updated Terms and Conditions 05/24/2023

  1. Rates
    Booked pricing is subject to applicable dates and times as described under service details. If additional time is incurred, additional charges may apply. We have a 1 day parking minimum. This includes our daily rate, service fee, and tax. Midway SpeedPark reserves the right to refuse service to any patron at any time for any reason. We charge per 24 hours, and offer a 1 hour grace period, We charge an additional day thereafter.
  2. Payment
    When booking directly through our website, a credit card is NOT required. Payment is due at the end of your parking segment. We accept all major credit cards. Payment can be made through a personal link that you will receive on your mobile device. You may also ask our attendant on duty to take your payment manually.
  3. Refunds
    In some cases, we offer promotions that require you to prepay. We do not offer cash refunds for these types of bookings and can only be used for future parking at our facility. If you simply do not show up, your entire booking will be lost and no refund will be given.
  4. SMS/MMS Mobile Messages
    Upon Registration with any Site, or using our text or mobile message service (“SMS Services”) you consent to receive communications from us, which may include calls and text messages to the cellular telephone number you provide to us. Depending on your relationship with us and consents received, we or our service providers send text messages to: (1) provide you with information you requested from us; (2) update you regarding your orders and other transactions with us; and/or (3) respond to your customer service requests and other inquiries regarding your use of our services Any text messages we send to you are subject to the SMS Terms set forth in this section. By agreeing to these SMS Terms, you also consent to the use of an electronic record to document your agreement. You may withdraw your consent to the use of the electronic record by emailing at info@midwayspeedpark.com
  5. Company Liability
    All Claims have a maximum liability of $500. Releasing of car keys to valet attendant constitutes as your agreement to our terms and conditions entirely, and cannot be modified by anyone. No employee can alter the foregoing and all terms are final. All claims must be filed at the time the vehicle is picked up. We are not liable for valuables left in vehicle so please do not leave unnecessary valuables in your vehicle while it is stored. Customer may be asked to show valid ID and/or booking ID for vehicle release
  6. THIS CONTRACT LIMITS OUR LIABILITY - Proceeding with our online terms acknowledges your consent.
    Customer and Midway SpeedPark agree: All claims of damage or loss must be reported and itemized by customer to attendant in writing before car is taken from the Midway SpeedPark attendant. Midway SpeedPark has the option to make repairs at its expense of any claimed damage within 48 hours after filing of claim. In all court actions the burden of proof to establish a claim remains with the customer. Court actions by customers for any claim must be filed within 90 days of the date of parking in the court of jurisdiction where claim loss occurred. Midway SpeedPark is not responsible for damage by fire, or defective breaks, or parts. Total liability of Midway SpeedPark limited to $500.00 for all damages or loss to customers. Midway SpeedPark IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ARTICLES LEFT IN CAR. Midway SpeedPark is not responsible for loss of use. Midway SpeedPark is not responsible for anything mechanical. Customers must make sure that interior lights are turned off before leaving the vehicle. This is the entire contract and no employee can modify it. It is not assignable. Customer waives all laws in conflict with the foregoing.